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Radiology Services

Our radiology unit is fully equipped with the state of art technology to provide facilities for investigations such as x-ray and ultrasound.


The unit includes state-of-the-art digital x-ray machines, the images are captured and immediately translated into digital form. Since the images do not require development, they are readily available to be viewed, allowing faster diagnosis and earlier treatment.

We use the web-distribution technology for the doctors to view the x-ray images instantly at their consultation suits while their patients is still in the x-ray unit. This facility reduce the access time for the doctors to the images and gives them great advantage to provide the prompt treatment planning for our patients.


Ultrasound imaging (also called sonograms or sonography or ultrasound scanning) uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain images from inside the human body.  BMC ultrasound subspecialty utilizes state-of-the-art, high-resolution ultrasound machines to create real-time sonograms of patients. Unlike x-ray radiography or CT scanning, there is no ionizing radiation exposure with sonography.

The ultrasound reports generation are fully computerized and delivered to the patients within ten minutes soon after the scanning is completed by our Radiologists.