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LMRA check- up

Per authority regulations approved from 2017.

All expatriates’ applicants for job in Bahrain are required to do a medical check-up at the country of origin from approved GAMCA medical centre and in Bahrain they will undergo another medical examination before getting their residents permit. This medical examination will include the following:

  1. Detailed comprehensive history, general and occupational.
  2. Vital signs blood pressure, Visual activity, height and weight.
  3. General medical examination.
  4. Chest x-ray for all expats.
  5. Serology Blood investigation including HCV, HIV, HbsAg and VDRL for all expats.
  6. Certain test like color vision, audiometry and spirometry can be added for certain special group category (special risk group). Example: like pilots and ship captain needs color vision and audiometry. Audiometry is needed for those who will work in noise.
  7. Biochemistry for liver and renal function.
  8. Complete blood count.
  9. Stool R/M and culture to role out salmonella and shigella.
  10. Other tests like Hb and sugar and etc…can be ordered based on history and physical examination

Including Infectious and non-infectiousdiseases testing