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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services

Sometimes, a patient who are stable, but are otherwise unable to travel by conventional means are required to use non-emergency medical transportation due to mobility issues or for ease and comfort.

Our new non-emergency medical transport services are the solutions for patients requires special needs and allows patients who may be unable to travel conventionally due to medical conditions to travel safely from one location to another.

Our non-emergency medical transport services currently available from Saturday to Thursday from morning 7am to evening 11pm. Our experienced and professional staffs will take you, your loved one, or your patient from a hospital appointment, doctor’s office, for regular dialysis treatment, physical therapy or rehabilitation appointments with utmost care and safety.


  • Our vehicle is equipped with a lift and tie down system to ensure safe and secure transport of the patient.
  • Can accommodate 1 to 4 passengers
  • Can provide transportation throughout Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Safe, Courteous, reliable and personalized services at competitive prices
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly packages are available


Our care model ensures that you receive only the highest quality of care & services, and that your needs are being met at all times. We pride ourselves on offering non-emergency medical transportation services to our elderly, infirm, injured or physically disabled patients in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


For more details call us at 17000210.